[Pipet Devel] CORBA documentation

Justin Bradford justin at ukans.edu
Fri Sep 3 16:37:38 EDT 1999

> Good luck.  There will be a quiz tomorrow morning.  Class dismissed.

Ok, here's a question:
How do we use ORBit from Python?

A. Use ILU's Python bindings, which will communicate with ORBit via IIOP
   (but [possibly, as I am not completely versed in ORBit and barely
   at all in ILU] loses the advantage of ORBit's shortcuts when two
   processes on the same machine are communicating via it [where ORBit
   would otherwise skip the demarshalling process and use shared mem
   {rather than IIOP}])
B. Write a C extension for Python to wrap ORBit functions (and Gnorba and 
   Goad) using pretty much a direct mapping of Python onto the
   corresponding ORBit function.
C. Write a C extension for Python to wrap ORBit usually a nice, elegant,
   Python-esque representation of the whole component thing.

I like option C, with A used as an interim solution.


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