[Pipet Devel] CORBA documentation

Justin Bradford justin at ukans.edu
Fri Sep 3 21:39:11 EDT 1999

> I did notice that there are other Python-CORBA options and wondered if they
> could be used while the ORBit bindings were being worked on.  From what I have
> seen of bindings development, it could take a year before the ORBit bindings are
> very usable.  So, yeah, option A may be good for the interim, and maybe even
> Fnorb.

I'm not sure why it would take a year. It doesn't look that complicated.

But, yes, using ILU or Fnorb would allow us to talk to the ORBit at the
core of gnome, if necessary, albeit slower and more memory intensive.

Additionally, since both Fnorb and ILU seem to be using the same bindings
I mentioned in the other mail, it should just be a matter of swapping
"import ilu" with "import orbit" (well, probably a little more work, but
it definitely won't require a substantial rewrite).


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