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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Tue Sep 7 13:18:47 EDT 1999

"Alan J. Williams" wrote:
> As Humberto pointed out, your either all too kind or trying to guilt me
> into being more active; probably a little of both. I just ordered
> "Learning Python" as well as the new GTK/Gnome book; about time to get
> more involved despite it being dissertation cruch time.

Of course I don't want to coerce anyone into working on Loci, especially if you
have to work on your dissertation.  Even if you don't do anymore, I'll still
give you credit.

> Do the lines really depict network connections or rather data "pipes"
> which may or may not be accross a network?

(Even though I just submitted the abstract, these comments will be helpful for
writing the poster.)

That's something that we have to work out.  I imagined that they would all be
'network-based' data pipes, if that makes any sense.  So, if the GUI and the
analysis program both reside on the user's computer, the connection will just
loop back.  URI:


This way, Loci never has to distinguish between a remote locus and a local one: 
everything works via TCP/IP, Internet socket/port, or whatever.  But you guys
are more familiar with this sort of thing.  Maybe there's a major flaw in that

>  > and combining loci to form a graphical scripting language.  The
>  > network-distributed nature of Loci deals with large datasets in a unique way:
>  > GUI loci reside on a local workstation while compute-intensive data-processing
>  > loci execute remotely on high-performance computers.  The joining of loci
>  > across the Internet can also be used to form world-wide collaboratives and
>  > bring an infinitely extensible set of loci to the user.  Numerous development
>  > tools used include Python, GTK+ and the GNOME environment: CORBA, DOM, XML and
>  > so on.
> As someone else pointed out, this last part should be a little more
> descriptive.  You may want to distiguish between the language/tools
> for the core of loci and the language-independence for the extensions.

Good point.  If I don't put it in the abstract, it'll certainly go on the

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