[Pipet Devel] [Fwd: Poster/Demo at Open Source/Open Science 99]

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sun Sep 19 00:06:52 EDT 1999

Justin Bradford wrote:
> Is there anything you need us to do for the poster/presentation?

David, Gary, Ken and I met this past week at "LOCI '99" to discuss (1) the
components of Loci to be written up as sections of a formal publication (in the
journal Bioinformatics) or poster (for this conference), and (2) funding for
Loci.  I will post some more information about the meeting shortly.

But one major component we couldn't write much about is "object passing and
locus communication", since I am pretty much leaving it up to you and a few
others to work out the details.  I suppose much of what has been posted to this
list a few months back may be usable.  Could somebody in the know please write
something on this topic: one paragraph for the poster and a few paragraphs for
the paper?  I'd appreciate it.

> When is the conference? We might be able to fake some of the more
> advanced stuff for presentation purposes.

The conference is Saturday, October 2nd, at Brookhaven National Lab on Long
Island.  (For those who haven't been following recent discussions, we will have
a poster at this conference, and I posted the abstract here about a week ago.) 
I would also like to demo the Workspace, but that won't require the
infrastructure to be in place.  I think just a blurb about the "advanced stuff"
would be fine for the poster.  The paper will of course require more.

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