[Pipet Devel] Re: Poster/Demo at Open Source/Open Science 99

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Wed Sep 22 18:21:49 EDT 1999

"Sean R. McCorkle" wrote:

>    Thats an omission in the schedule which I'm going to correct right now.
>    There certainly will be time to set up on saturday morning.

Great.  Thank you.

>   Many apologies for inconveniencing you, because we're really looking forward
>   to your participation.  This whole affair has been a real learning
>   experience for us.  We're hoping to hold another conference again, and
>   it will definitely be a multi-day meeting, at a hotel, with much more
>   reasonable schedules and better planning (based on this years experiences).
>   However, I hope that THIS one will be a good experience for all.

I'm sorry to have appeared so critical.  I looked at the schedule and felt a bit
overwhelmed.  The line up of speakers is quite impressive and makes me wonder if
anyone was left out at all ;-)  I can't help but think that the next OSOS
meeting will be somewhat anticlimactic (been there, done that).  But I look
forward to it nonetheless :-)

>   Again, we're looking forward to meeting you in person.

And you too.

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