[Pipet Devel] Loci and data storage

Svanberg Liss lisss at ydab.se
Thu Sep 23 10:43:55 EDT 1999

> Sure.  Again, I think container loci should act as databases.  Anything
> includes query operations and not just storage (like AceDB) should be
> a processor locus and not a container.
> Containers won't include a query mechanism, so they must be connected to
>                          ^
>                   Processor is used to
>                   query the container
>                   database.  The results
>                   are placed in a new
>                   container.

Just some information so that you don't redo a lot of work:
( In case you allready knew all this, then please just forget that I
mentioned it again :)

The 'CONTAINER' mentioned abowe seems to be exactly the same as
... perhaps with a small exeption...
GNOME::Storage has been constructed with a filesystem in mind, and not a
loci, so there is no "Connect storage with storage" = make an external
storage to appear inside another storage.
However, this is not really a problem.

If you wan't this feature, then you'll just add a LOCI::Storage wich
inherites from GNOME::Storage and adds the "link storage" (or whatever)
( Or wait. The Gnome developers will probably add this feature someday. :)

Data in a GNOME::Storage are represented with GNOME::Stream objects, and
they may contain whatever you prefer.

// Liss

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