[Pipet Devel] Tools for parsing XML with Python

Svanberg Liss lisss at ydab.se
Mon Sep 27 13:06:29 EDT 1999

> What's a bonobo compound document (i.e., a guppi figure in a gnumeric 
> spreadsheet) look like anyway? Does anyone know?

A compund document is usually a GNOME::Storage where each compund part is a
GNOME::Stream and can be found inside the storage.
What a GNOME::Storage really are when it's stored on disk ( if it's even
possible to store it on disk ) is application dependent. I should guess that
it typically will be a directory.

To store a compund document requires that each component has declared an
interface that is called GNOME::Persist<something>.
These interfaces contains methods that are able to store a component's data
in a GNOME::Storage ( among other things ).
So, when you wan't to store a compund document, you typically create ( or
finds ) a GNOME::Storage, and then you tell the different components of the
document to store themselves into your storage.

Since there exists GNOME::Persist<blah> interfaces that are designed to
store data directly on disk, or into a stream, things might be different in
reality. A compund document *may* as an example be a number of files
shattered around the net, or it might be one single (probably binary) file.

// Liss

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