[Pipet Devel] More: Loci and data storage

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Sep 27 13:21:15 EDT 1999

Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga wrote:
> Bonobo is definitely something we need. It is gnome's model for embedding
> components into documents. Right now it is used to embed guppi plots into
> gnumeric spreadsheets.
> It specifically provides for the kind of user interaction we want to have in
> loci: click on a plot in gnumeric and alter the x axis. It does this using
> CORBA as the base model.
> The documentation looks very promising, and since this will be a standard part
> of gnome, it's something we can really leverage.

I agree.

> Unfortunately I can't get it to build on my machine! I've spent the better
> part of two weeks trying to get bonobo, guppi and goose, and gnumeric built to
> test it.  It doesn't work on redhat 5.2 with updated gnome rpms, or the stock
> 6.0.

Wow, that is strange.

> I think the new rpms on ftp.gurulabs.com will be better, but haven't had a
> chance to test them yet. You still need to compile bonobo, goose, guppi and
> gnumeric from cvs to get the bonobo support.

There's a big push now to come out with Gnome 1.0.50 (1.0.40 is a beta release),
and I think they'll have RPMs for just about everything.

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