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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Sep 27 15:45:32 EDT 1999

Svanberg Liss wrote:
> Actually, bonobo is a bit more than just compund documents.
> If loci would be based upon bonobo, I think a working release would require
> only a way to store persistant *connections* between CORBA objects.
> ( Preferably with a GUI :)

Right.  I'm working on the GUI, but you guys will have to help with the CORBA
and Bonobo stuff.

> Later on we could add support to dynamically create connections between
> CORBA objects.
> ( So you would store "object A should be connected to an object that can do
> B" instead of "object A should be connected to object B" )

David, Gary and I spoke a bit about making the GUI connections between loci. 
Loci should be able to tell the user what can be connected to what.  For
example, you wouldn't feed a PDB file (directly) to a DNA seq aligner.  So,
objects or object types should have very specific IDs, and a locus should be
able to say, 'I need input from locus type XXXXXXXXX'.  If you try to connect
locus type YYYYYYYYY as input, you'll get an error message.  Does Bonobo/CORBA
give us just that or will we have to define IDs for every locus or locus type?

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