[Pipet Devel] Bonobo 0.4 release

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Wed Sep 29 05:27:14 EDT 1999

This comes from the Gnome Web site:

The Bonobo component and compound document system has been released. This is a
library for developers interested in writing reusable components and small
components that can be used to create complex documents. 

Hello guys, I have just released the first public version of Bonobo
(bonobo-0.4), the GNOME component system and compound document system. 

Bonobo has been on development for about ten months and it is almost ready. 

This release is still an alpha version of the code, but it will enable people to
try out Bonobo and some of the GNOME applications that depend on Bonobo (the PDF
file viewer, the Gnumeric Bonobo extensions, the new file manager and a few
other toys). 

Keep in mind that the API *will* change, I will try to keep the API changes well
documented though. 



What does Bonobo 0.4 provide

The GNOME component foundation based on the GNOME::Unknown CORBA interface.
Component can be graphical and non-graphical.

The Bonobo framework for building new components using the Gtk object system.
Structured Storage interfaces for loading/saving compound documents.

The interfaces for visual component embedding, both simple rectangle-based
embeddings (GtkWidget embedding) as well as arbitrarly-shaped components. 

Still left to do

We could use the help of various people to help improve various things in

API documentation layout should be improved as well as adding introductory
pieces to various Bonobo pieces. 

A web page tracking down the development and carrying out information about
Bonobo as well as a software map for Bonobo-based components. 

Upcoming Changes

I am expecting to provide control support for the next Bonobo version (ie,
creating components that have a single view) as well as providing a way to
load/save their state using properties (you can see the interface in
idl/gnome-control.idl). The Shaped components and the Views might have an API
change to make them more sensible, it is sort of hacked right now. Bounding box
support for the arbitrarly shaped components as well as activation/deactivation
for those. 

The Bonobo Team

The Bonobo core team is: 
  Dietmar Maurer (libefs hacker)
  Elliot Lee (CORBA guardian angel).
  Ettore Perazzoli (Bonobo hacking device #2).    
  Federico Mena (Bonobo helper).
  Matt Loper (Persistent hacker).
  Michael Meeks (Bonobo and component hacker)
  Miguel de Icaza (main designer/implementor)
  Nat Friedman (Bonobo hacking device)
Bonobo components/GUI is:
  Chris Lahey (Audio/ulaw).
  Richard Hestilow (Bonobo dialog hacker)
Bonobo maintainers:
  Miguel de Icaza (miguel at kernel.org)
  Nat Friedman (nat at nat.or)

Mailing lists

  gnome-components-list at gnome.org 

To subscribe, send mail to gnome-components-list-request at gnome.org and in the
body of the message put the word "subscribe". 

Archive of the mailing list is available at

          Enjoy! Miguel.

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