[Pipet Devel] alright, that does it!

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sat Apr 1 11:25:00 EST 2000

> Our e-mail addresses are obviously on some master spam list, so 
posting is
> now
> restricted to list members.

    I think the problem is actually with mailman. They are having 
similar problems with spam on the python lists, and it is apparently 
just some new spammer trick to get around mailman's defenses. To quote 
from a recent post from Andrew Kuchling on the Python XML SIG:

> python.org mailing lists have been getting hit with more spam
> recently.  For example, this most recent spam sidesteps Mailman's 
> checking because it actually listed xml-sig at python.org in the To:
> header.  It was sent through an open relay in Japan (IP address
>, though not one currently listed in the ORBS or RBL.

> In any case, the fix is to improve the spam detection, whether in
> Mailman or on python.org, and I'll talk to Barry about it.  Closing
> off the list is not a solution, particularly since we have
> contributors who use several different e-mail addresses; I'm not 
> to resort to that just yet.

I, for one, would vote to keep the lists open and tolerate some spam 
until a solution is found. My 'd' key hasn't worn out yet :-)


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