[Pipet Devel] Job interviews, etc

deanne at density.biop.umich.edu deanne at density.biop.umich.edu
Fri Apr 28 20:25:11 EDT 2000

> Perhaps you should include your association with The Open Lab in your
> curriculum vitae. It certainly hasn't hurt mine :-).   Actually I'm
> surprised you're getting attitude, your cv looks pretty solid to me.
Eh,  when I actually contirbute something, I'll take my bows. :)

News from the job front.

The harvard job rocks. I was told basically that I would be able to
"create" the position myself.  I'd still be just a research scientist, but
I can actually "create" my value to the med school by  by defning mwhat my
job description is. They don't knowwhat they need, only that they need it,
and I think they'll give me the job ...don't know if'm "worthy"...but I
love every single person I met so far. Nice, professional, enthusastic
people. I would essentially be helping various labs figure out what they
need in bioinformatics while I do my own research on the side. It's like a
dream job to me.  I have ideas for enzyme networks and stuff. Want to do
more of that.

Okay, still in hotel room. Thanks for the kind words.  Back home on Sunday
then more python. :)

With regards,

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