[Pipet Devel] Access levels in VSH

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Wed Apr 5 01:52:13 EDT 2000

> >
> > We needed those to authorize DL's to login. Now this is where my problem
> > begins: who should be able to grant others access?
> >
> > So we need some form of access level in the vsh system, how do we
> > organize them? I copied a 'root' system like unix uses, so only the 1th DL
> > can authorize others. But maybe we do need a more sophisticated system,
> > something that not only allows DL's access, but also grants them the ability
> > to grant access to others.
> I haven't thought about this at all.  I'm not a security expert, but wouldn't
> 'passable access/authentication' be opening up a pandora's box?  You'll never
> know who has access to your system.
> I think another thing to consider is whether or not a mere user can grant
> access.  Perhaps only the system administrator should be allowed to do this.
> This is the opposite extreme of Jarl's proposal.  Thoughts?

This is how the BL has security currently implemented :)
The very first DL can login without a password, and will become the only one
being able to grant others access. I'll leave it this way for now, but it aint
final system yet I'm afraid.


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