[Pipet Devel] Choice of ORB implementations

Brad Chapman chapmanb at ARCHES.UGA.EDU
Wed Apr 5 10:33:52 EDT 2000

> Brad Chapman wrote:
> > 
> >     Well, the problem I see with this is that only certain nodes may
> > be available to certain clients, and I was thinking that you'd have
> > to authenticate with a remote connection so that connection can know
> > what nodes to make available to you (based on your login). This goes
> > back to something I was talking about earlier about specific
> > authentication of nodes. This is a lot different then the directory
> > service you are talking about.

J.W. Bizzaro wrote: 
> Again, this is something like what Unix already has: permission, user and
> group settings for individual files and directories.  Can we not make use of
> what is already present in Unix?

I'm confused about how you want to make use of the unix permission system
in a distributed system.
I guess you mean that we should be writing our own specific type directory
service. I'm opposed to this (at the present time) for two reasons:

1. I think it will be a pain in the arse to write this, and will take a
lot of time and knowledge.

2. I would like to stick with open standards. It seems like we have went
out of our way to do this thus far by using XML and CORBA. If we start
using our own "proprietary" setup, then we jepordize the interoperability
of our system. 

Or do you have a specific CORBA service in mind that we could use?


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