[Pipet Devel] Re: window sill

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Wed Apr 5 11:34:18 EDT 2000

Brad Chapman wrote:
> Okay... I just thought you would have to remove a child window before you
> could insert another one in the windowlet. I thought you would get one of
> those wonderful gnome error messages about the parent node already having
> a child (since they can't have more than one, can they?). But then again,
> I might be smoking crack...

It depends on the container.  I need to find one that will let me flip between
overlapping children.  The fixed-position and notebook containers come to

> Then, now, still, whenever. I never fixed it, I just had a stupid
> workaround by closing the window when I changed the windowlet, so they the
> user would have to open it back up and it would refresh automatically :-)
> Of course, this cheap hack won't work for your ideas. If you can make
> stuff refresh I would be so happy to learn how, because I tried calling
> all kinds of different refresh calls and couldn't get any of them to do
> anything for it. If you want to try it out, maybe you could try and make
> the main Loci window refresh after selecting a file (while it is waiting
> for the file info to come back from the definition layer). Right now it
> sits in a really ugly state (looking like it is locked up), and I couldn't
> seem to get a refresh to fix this, so I just had to give up before I spent
> my whole life on it. I am stuck :-<

Did you try a Gtk refresh or a canvas refresh?

> > This is the composite GUI I keep yammering about.  It contains Gtk widgets
> > arranged according to the heirarchy of the network (if there is one) contained
> > in the node.
> Is this what you are proposing will replace the GtkCTree view? Will be
> have to code our own widget for this?

No, I was suggesting to you that the 'view we have now' (the workspace normal
view) replace the GtkCTree view for taking listings of directories.  The
composite GUI will look like a regular Gtk interface.

> > I don't understand.  You just tried to code this feature?  What is the 'text
> > box'?
> I did code this feature, and then killed it because it sucked :-< There is
> a zoom command for the canvas which is supposed to provide "automatic"
> zooming, but I couldn't make it work.

Really?  Is the code still in there?

> By the text box, I mean the little
> text thingy with the name of the widget (under the widget shape and little
> people picture :).

I'd probably remove icons and text boxes in the zoom view.

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