[Pipet Devel] UI\DL support BL\PL requests?

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Fri Apr 7 18:47:24 EDT 2000

jarl van katwijk wrote:
> In GMS I've not only the engine serving request out of the GUI,
> but also the other way around. Like when the processing part
> detects a data flow which is a deadend, it will trigger an event
> in the GUI. I can imaging various other random events inside the
> VSH PL and BL that need to be passed to the DL and UI.
> I'm wondering if Loci allowes such abilities? Or should I put all
> the logic for handling the error\notify events inside the BL? It
> seems a good thing, and I'm willing to implement it, but I needs
> some feedback first ofcourse :)

You're aware that Loci's front 'listens' to a stream of XML commands from the
middle.  All communication, including that of unexpected error messages,
travels through that stream.

But, right now the mechanism is not threaded.  So, the middle literally cannot
do anything until the front issues a command, and visa versa.  And I believe
the front doesn't listen for unexpected messages (is that right, Brad?).  IOW,
the middle cannot YET trigger an event in the front.  It was planned, though.

I don't know if the logic for this belongs in the DL or BL.  But, of course,
the communication should pass through the DL before going to the front.

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