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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Mon Apr 10 16:07:21 EDT 2000

I'm looking over the IRC buffer from the conversation Jarl and Brad had while
I was outside doing yardwork.  I want to make a couple comments.

<bstard> and remember: I had to please jeff by the napster proposal, I'd like
a peer-2-peer solution and a very limited cetralised system
<bstard> but that doesn't seem possible (technically) right now
<brad> Well, we'll have to see.
<brad> I think it's just to early to know for sure--things will probably
become clearer as we get nearer to that stage.
<brad> At least, that's what I hope :)
<bstard> as I said: i'll experiment with getting as much peer-2-peer as
possible.. maybe you can look around for such a system too
<bstard> jer, it's still a long time away these constructions
<brad> Yeah, I really want the peer-2-peer stuff to be working,

Brad, if the Napster-like central server can be distributed with vsh, or at
least be made available publicly, then people can make peer-2-peer
connections.  All they have to do is specify which 'Napster-like' server they
want to use as a filesystem, and it can be one on your buddy's computer.

And I really see this Napster-like server as being vsh's filesystem.  Heck, if
we distribute this 'filesystem' with every copy of vsh, the filesystem can
hold your local nodes.  But what we can do at The Open Lab is set up a large
repository of nodes...but use the same code that comes with every distribution
of vsh.

You know, even when you log on to IRC, you're using a central server to host
the connection between 2 computers.  But you can choose one of many servers. 
Why not do the same with vsh?

<brad> It will make Jeff a lot happier too, because I don't think he's gotten
it compiled yet...
<bstard> hehe
<bstard> you know what os jeff uses?
<brad> linux (redhat, I think), so I'm not sure the problem.
<brad> what do you use?
<bstard> slackware linux, but hardly anything is original anymore :)
<bstard> hmm strange, gms was tested on redhat. nah, never mind, 0.4.0 should
have automake anyway

The problem with compiling GMS is that the location of a (gtk?) header in the
library changed since the version Jarl last compiled GMS with.

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