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email from: brad chapman <chapmanb at arches.uga.edu>: [Pipet Devel] Initial idl proposal
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(1/10) Hello all; Based on the broad design I mentioned yesterday for communicating between a small middle (part of the GUI) and the "data processing engine" o
(2/10) f 'vsh', I drew up an idl as a starting point for this communication. This definately need a lot of work and if the first idl I've ever written, so I ca
(3/10) n use lots of comments and criticisms, but this will be something to build off of so we can get things going. I look forward to hearing comments! Brad /
(4/10) / gui2dp.idl // // IDL for dealing with communication between the GUI (buffered by a small // middle) and the data processing engine. /** * Organization
(5/10)  of modules. * vsh: The overall module (the name can change when we decide on a formal *      name). *   gui2dp: idl for communication between the GUI a
(6/10) nd the data processing *           engine. * */ module vsh { module gui2dp { // ##### exceptions /** * Requested Id is already being used for another gu
(7/10) i. */ exception IdInUse {}; /** * Id number used for requested operation was not found in the list of * current gui ids being served by the data process
(8/10) or. */ exception IdNotFound{}; /** * The information for a node is not yet available because the process * has not completed. */ exception InfoNotAvaila
(9/10) ble{}; // ##### structs and typedefs /** * A sequence/list of strings. Useful for returning info like a list of * program ids for available programs. */
(10/10)  typedef sequence <string> stringList; // ##### interfaces /** * Functions for dealing with a front to middle connection. */ interface Connection { /** 
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