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email from: jean-marc valin <jean-marc.valin at hermes.usherb.ca>: Re: [Pipet Devel] Project Design (fwd)
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(1/10) > > Well, the only think I worry about is that Overflow probably doesn't > > want to be "absorbed" into GMS and would like to be able to work > > indepe
(2/10) ndently. Couldn't the authentication go in a > > "processing/pre-processing engine" that then directs stuff to either > > GMS or Overflow? > > I know th
(3/10) e Overflow people dont want their code integrated, but I'm > saying > to this: Depends on what you mean by integrated. 90% of Overflow is just a library
(4/10) . You're actually probably better use that library in GMS instead of the executables. If you call that integrating Overflow in GMS, well fine, If you wa
(5/10) nt to wrap the executable, fine too (though I don't think it's the best way). If you want to take some chunks of code and put that in GMS... have fun(go
(6/10) od luck)! My only constraint is that I want to be able to use Overflow as a stand alone application. > >                                     Loci based 
(7/10) GUI >                                             | > -> Communication SAME AS current Loci's GUI, only enhanced >                                      
(8/10)        | > with various extra gms & overflow features. >                                            \/ >  Scripts -----> 'Brad's Interperter' :-) Speaki
(9/10) ng of interpreter... I was planning on implementing an Overflow node that uses the Octave interpreter (actually, only the octave library)... >          
(10/10)                                    |                    -> > Translates scripts\GUI calls to 'gms api+', which will be a reviced >                      
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