[Pipet Devel] PVM or MPI?

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Fri Aug 11 22:27:09 EDT 2000


Hi John,

> i just joined this mailing list, because i couldn't find any FAQ or
> mailing list archive to answer my question.  piper has the potential
> to distribute computation jobs across a WAN, but has there been any
> thought to layer additional communications protocols beyond CORBA
> for LAN clusters?

There are at least 2 answers to your question:
1. The communication between Piper instances will eventually go trough an
KQML compliant interface which will be available as a Corba ORB and a URI
socket. KQML stands for Knowledge base Query Modeling Language, and URI for
Universal Resource Identification.

2. Piper offers plugin support at 'Whole Network' level (cq applications and
such). Plugins can be dynamic load able binaries or corba based. Besides this
Piper has it's own (XML) 'language' for describing the wrapping of just about
anything but Xwin apps at network node level.

Does one of these answer your question?


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