[Pipet Devel] Poster for ISMB

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Aug 14 12:31:54 EDT 2000

>  That was fast.	You must have been a whiz at term papers :-)

Well, you get a lot of practice at sitting down and writing like a maniac
when you spend your life procrastinating everything until the very last
second :-)

>  Upon first inspection, it looks quite good.	I see that much of the
>  "Introduction" comes from the orginal abstract.  Are we going to start
>  the
>  poster off with an abstract?

I was just thinking of the Intro in-lieu of the abstract. Do you think
more of the abstract needs to be included in the intro? Or do you want a
abstract on there? I just dig an Intro over an abstract since you aren't
so constrained by the "abstract format." I just see the intro as a quick
glimpse at what is in the poster and why you would want to read it, which
is why it overlaps with the abstract in my (warped) mind.


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