[Pipet Devel] Poster for ISMB

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Aug 14 13:00:16 EDT 2000

I wrote:
>  > I just see the intro as a
>  > quick
>  > glimpse at what is in the poster and why you would want to read it,
>  > which
>  > is why it overlaps with the abstract in my (warped) mind.

Jeff wrote:
>  Actually, in my warped mind, abstract == quick overview, and intro ==
>  background and motivation.  You could just rename the intro to
>  abstract.  I'll
>  let you decide.

I see it like this for a paper, but not as much for a poster. Since a
poster is about a lot less finished research than a paper (otherwise
you'd be publishing it :-), a lot more time is spent on why you are doing
something and where you are coming from. This is good because it is a lot
more interesting and easier to get into then lots of lab details and also
gives you a chance to get feedback about your motivation. However, it is
bad since it makes a lot of your paper end up being the introduction
(hell, half of the Piper poster is about motivation :-). So I think of
the intro as taking on a different role for the poster.
	Plus, it makes my head hurt to read too many abstracts at poster
sessions :-).


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