[Pipet Devel] ISYS and OpenBSA

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Tue Aug 29 22:15:45 EDT 2000

Jeff wrote:
[described ISYS and OpenBSA/ALBeanBox -- two application with similar
goals to Piper]
> I asked the authors of both applications if we can all work on a common
> for wrapping applications. This would allow a client wrapped for one
> to work in another system. They said yes, but considering that ISYS
does not
>  use XML and OpenBSA already uses Applab, I don't know if we could
> a consensus. Can I get the opinions of people on this list before I
>  contacting them again?

Peter wrote:
>  For the record, I'm for a standard, if only one shared between OpenBSA
>  and	Piper (and dare I hope, NetGenics' BSA-compliant product...).

I'd like to add my enthusiastic support to the idea of trying to
collaborate with OpenBSA/ALBeanBox and the ISYS projects. I think we all
have the same goal in mind (ie. an easy to use tool that can connect
stuff together) and we will get there a lot faster and with better
success if we can work together. So far our collaborations with Overflow
and GMS have been really excellent, and I'd really be for seeing this
type of thing continue. 

So when you contact them Jeff, can you keep us informed of what happens?
I don't know if either the projects has active public mailing lists, but
I think here would be a good place to discuss colloborating, if they are
into it. 

Thanks for thinking about putting this together!


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