[Pipet Devel] standard API for ISYS, OpenBSA & Piper

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Wed Aug 30 00:01:43 EDT 2000

Adam and Juha,

I spoke with both of you at your respective posters during ISMB2000.  I'm the
coordinator of the Piper project, which is very similar to both ISYS and

I asked if you would consider developing a standard API that defines how our
systems could interface with an independent program (client or node).  The
advantage is that programs wrapped to work with one system will work with all
3.  You both said that you thought it would be a good idea :-)

I don't believe that either of you are familiar with each other's system (ISYS
and OpenBSA).  At least, Juha told me that he did not see the ISYS poster. 
So, I will quickly summarize where I believe we all stand.  Correct me if I am

  o  ISYS has developed an API based on what looked to me like
     C or Java code.  Adam said that he would consider an
     XML-based API.

  o  OpenBSA is a replacement for Applab and so uses a similar
     API.  I don't know what stage of development that API is in.

  o  Piper is in the process of clearly defining an API based
     on XML.  Piper uses XML extensively.

Perhaps we can all work toward defining an XML-based API?  The main
requirement that Piper has is that we want to automate program wrapping and/or
have it done graphically by the user.  In other words, have the API be
straight-forward enough so that a human need not program it by hand.

What do you think?  If we all agree to work on this, I can create a mailing
list (and subsequently a CVS module) for this collaborative sub-project.

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