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You are probably aware that the SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT aspect of the Loci
project has become the "Piper project".  The program known as "Loci" has in
fact become the "Build-Time Subsystem" of Piper.  Some nine months ago we
merged with two other projects, the Generalized Messaging System (GMS) and
Overflow, and these form the "Run-Time Subsystem" of Piper.  GMS and Overflow
actually make up the missing components of the orginally planned Loci.

I was considering keeping the name "Loci" and using it as the name of a test
case of Piper, using a bioinformatics subject.  One difference still exists
between the goals of Loci and Piper: Loci was intended to be a bioinformatics
tool, while Piper is general purpose.  And many people were on this list
because of the interesting discussions about bioinformatics, not because they
cared about the program itself.

As for this mailing list, I want to keep it.  As I mention above, there may
yet be a "Loci project".  But, I understand that a lot of time has passed, and
the discussions just aren't here anymore.  You may also be interested in the
software itself (Piper) and not the bioinformatics.  In any case, if you'd
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