[Pipet Devel] piper autoconf problems

Jason Petrone jpetrone at cnri.reston.va.us
Tue Dec 5 19:56:14 EST 2000

I'm trying to build piper from the most recent CVS snapshot, however I am 
having a few problems.

In bl I am missing the macro AM_ACLOCAL_INCLUDE

I am also getting the errors:

/usr/local/bin/autoheader: /tmp/ah3FpmeH/traces.sh: line 10: unexpected EOF
while looking for matching `''

/usr/local/bin/autoheader: /tmp/ah3FpmeH/traces.sh: line 12: syntax error:
unexpected end of file

automake: Makefile.am: required file `./AUTHORS' not found
Running autoconf ...
configure.in:40: /usr/bin/m4: Bad regular expression `[\([`""]\)]': Unmatched ) or \)
configure.in:40: [[error: [[[backquotes and double quotes should not be backslashed in: [[configure: error: [Couldn't find the python config makefile.  Maybe you are
missing the development portion of the python installation]]]]]]]
]configure.in:40: /usr/bin/m4: Non-numeric argument to built-in `m4exit'

I am using automake 1.4, autoconf 2.13, and have pyautomake installed.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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