[Pipet Devel] Re: Booting and shutting down piper

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sun Dec 17 20:07:11 EST 2000

>     Holy crap -- I got back home to get the unexpected surprise of
> having 100 messages about Booting and Shutting down Piper. I think I
> sort of followed what is going on, but not really -- too many messages 
> :-).

Past week I've been finishing the last TODO's and as a result the current cvs 
version more and more looks like something useble. This is what's done :
- connected all layers to eath other, the UIL-DL-BL-PL chain.
- implemented a bootup and shutdown procedure. I agree with your commented about 
this procedure being far for ideal, the current stuff is just for testing, and 
to have something in place. An issue to remind when we descuss todo's for later 

> I know that the ping function is not that fancy (the C++ book by
> Henning and Vinoski has a much nicer "evictor" pattern that it
> describes) but it is simple and seems to work okay so far. I borrowed
> this idea from the Berlin project, which uses something similar (at
> least they did when I was browsing their code).
Cvs code has the DL do a 'killall BL', very ugly and need to be replaced by 
corba ping() and shutdown() functions. The BL->PL procedure does already has 
those corba features. I'll try to expand the DL sources.. dont know if I can 
handle that much Python.
The pid files are used for 'killing when all else fails'. Like you said, this 
wont work on a distributed setup and needs enhancements :) Also, pid files are 
used to detect crashes during a restart.

> Let me know if this doesn't make any sense, or if you need me to 
> answer other questions -- I got a little lost in the flood of 
> e-mails and am waaaay behind on my e-mail in general. Also, if
> you need to talk to me right away ever I'm always trying to watch ICQ
> if I at my computer working, so feel free to drop me a line and bug me 
> to answer a question right away :-).
Brad: Have a look at current cvs. Up- and downloading between the UIL and PL is 
all working. But there're also much warnings and errors I cant understand. 
During commiting of a nodes network to the PL many of them scroll by.


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