[Pipet Devel] another potential Locian

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Thu Feb 10 03:41:17 EST 2000

Leyland Needham seems to be thinking along the same line as we.  Here is an
excerpt from an article of his (audio is just an example):

Say for example, I wanted to create an audio player, I would be able to use a
ram memory block for holding audio remembered from the hard drive, and attach
an audio server to it, then create a window from a gui server and place
buttons on the windows that each individually attach to the diffrent functions
of an audio server connection and create a button and attach it to the memory
system so that once that is done I can tell it what audio memory to remember
from the hard drive by clicking the remember button, and then click play to
have it play the piece of audio. If I wanted to view a scope of the audio data
as it plays I could attach one to the interface (any where I want) and connect
it to the audio servers connection. The same could be done for spectral


I guess I should contact him.


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