[Pipet Devel] mouse buttons (was: excerpt from CHANGES)

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Thu Feb 10 08:47:55 EST 2000

[explanation of Loci DND vs. X window DND]
> So, you can see why Brad has a problem doing DnD _from_ the 
workspace, _to_ a
> container windowlet.  When you drag a locus toward a container, 
you're using
> my workspace DnD and not X DnD, and the locus simply won't go across 
> boundary of the windowlet (enter another X window).

Thanks for your description of the problem. Very clear!

> I therefore propose that my own workspace DnD be controlled via 
mouse button 2
> (middle) press, and have button 1 (left) press control X DnD.  I 
think this is
> more standard to how X applications work.

The thing that I worry about is us poor users of cheap mice lacking a 
middle button. If there a standard key/click combo for X-windows to 
get a button 2 click if you are missing button 2? (Hey, you have to 
remember--I'm used to the ol' Mac single button mice :-)

> So, this is what each button should do:
[table o' button clicks and results]

The thing you really don't address is connecting loci together on a 
single workspace and how this would work in the new button scheme? 
Would this be a button 2 click as well? It seems to me that the major 
thing a user will be doing in Loci is moving loci around within a 
single workspace and connecting them. To me, moving a loci to a new 
workspace, or even dragging it to a container is an "unusual" event, 
and this should be stuck with a more non-standard button press. 

> Also, Brad, I was planning on having custom cursors with this Gtk 
> Look in an older loci-core module for cursor.xpm.  I like the way 
> Acroread has the hand cursor (especially how you can 'grab' the 
background to
> scroll it), and I want to do something like that for Loci.  Newer 
versions of
> gnome-libs will have functions for selecting custom cursors, so we 
> implement this then.

This is a very cool idea! Now we just have to figure out how to make 
the windows scroll automatically...


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