[Pipet Devel] Open DX as a loci skeleton?

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Fri Feb 11 22:27:54 EST 2000

Harry Mangalam wrote:
> It's a client/server visual programming environment that encapsulates some
> of the ideas that have been flowing on this channel (altho it's not
> Python-based).

It's C/Motif I guess, right?

> However, it does have a modularity and architecture that
> looks looks a lot like Loci, and since it's Open Source, I wonder if it
> couldn't be mined to exploit the functionality that Loci needs.

I'll put this one in the "so much like Loci it's scarey" file.

But it is not _quite_ as general purpose as we intend Loci to be.  From what I
have seen and read, it is targeted at people who produce high-end data
visualizations.  I think it competes head-on with AVS:


And, as you can see, the editors/workspaces are similar.

DX is old though, dating back to 1991.

> Has anyone here looked at it with that in mind and considered appropriating
> that which could be appropriate to appropriate?  It was once a commercial
> (expensive!) product and it runs on most all *ixs and NT (with an Xserver)
> and it has been relatively well-debugged.
> The loci / module aspect of it is very intriguing.

It'll be good to study it.  Thanks for the heads-up.

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