[Pipet Devel] Open DX as a loci skeleton?

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Feb 14 18:03:33 EST 2000

> Not to make everyone heartily sick of this thread, but it looks like 
the DX
> arch CAN be made CORBA-aware with relatively little (hah!) effort.  
If so,
> that would make it a 
> viable candidate for MY immediate use, and it sounds like this might 
be of
> wider interest as well.
> I need to look at the code mentioned with one of our CORBA 
programmers to
> see how easy it is to in fact do this.

    This is really great news, and I for one would be really 
interested to hear about how things go with your attempts to do this. 
Although I don't think all of the applications are of immediate 
interest to people on the list (anyone on the list interested in oil 
and gas mining? :) I think that a lot of the tools provided in open dx 
would be really useful for data mining in general in addition to the 
specific programs for imaging etc.
    Have you given any thought to trying to integrate your own work 
with open dx with Loci? I have been playing around with Fnorb (a 
python ORB) a little on my own and recently for the Biopython project, 
and if you are interested, I could try and help with getting code for 
Loci to support some kind of idl for talking with Loci. IMHO, this 
would be of great help to Loci in general (to give it some 
additional functionality) and would also be a great chance for you to 
help out with Loci development (a highly worthy cause!). I'd be 
really interested to hear your thoughts on this, specifically what 
kind of things you would need Loci to do to meet with the needs for 
your project. Just my 2 cents on the topic...


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