[Pipet Devel] Example Client/Server http streaming

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Thu Feb 24 10:54:24 EST 2000

Brad Chapman wrote:
>      I was searching around for some example code to build a simple
> http server and client so that we could try to pass info between the
> front and middle, and found an excellent example:
> http://www.mems-exchange.org/exchange/software/microscope/.
>     It's a remotely controlled mircoscope with a streaming dialog
> exchange (check out the network protocol link). Neat, I think I'm
> going to mine it as a model for our dialog.

Interesting.  It runs Python on the server end but Java on the client end.

Isn't CNRI where the Grail browser was made, and where Guido works?

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