[Pipet Devel] http protocol, was: J.W. Bizzaro; TODO 20000218

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Thu Feb 24 22:37:11 EST 2000

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> When we get XML compliant web browsers, then we can connect
> browsers to a loci engine.  The crappy part about this is that, in order
> to manipulate the DOM, we're stuck with java/javascript.  I dont know of
> any other way to do client-side processing through a browser, if there
> is I would love to hear about it.

I wouldn't process the XML on the client side but on the server side.

Have the Web interface (on the server side) build a workspace 'behind the
scenes'.  The interface will make an HTML file for each locus (ideally), and a
hyperlink will be made for each locus connection.  The user will then 'surf'
the workspace.  How does that sound?

> Honestly, the whole web-interface
> idea may be too much for us right now, although I know Dr. Lapointe is
> interested, as is my roommate (who would like to participate in this
> aspect of Loci's interface).

I look forward to seeing it coded.  But whoever takes on the project must
adhere to the API and paradigm used in the other fronts, which of course isn't
even defined yet.  This API may not be familiar to CGI programmers, but the WWW
paradigm (for once in my life) must not dictate the design of the whole

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