[Pipet Devel] client/server communication layer

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Fri Feb 25 09:53:07 EST 2000

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> Well now this is an interesting concept.  If I catch your drift, you are
> proposing that we use a web server to process the xml, and then
> dyanamically generate the web page and send that to the browser.

I believe Brad and I are thinking about the same thing here:

    Loci Web front == Web server-side persistent CGI

It's a little confusing, because we're saying that Loci's front-end is a Web

> Considering my distate for the development tools available to access the
> DOM from the web client, I could go for that.  It does seem a _little_
> odd that we use xml to communicate between the client (gtk, web
> _server_, and nli) if we go by this method.  So...

I most definitely would NOT pass Loci's XML to a Web browser.

> So do you then propose to pass xml through corba, or to just drop xml
> for client/middleware communication?  If we go corba, i really don't see
> the point of using xml.

This is our old delema: We want to use modern tools like XML and CORBA, but
there is no _need_ to use XML if we're using CORBA.

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