[Pipet Devel] more cvs changes

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Wed Jan 5 11:43:05 EST 2000

Heidi-Ho Locians!
	Sorry for my delay in posting--I'm now back with my computer (yay!)
and can code once again (double yay!). Man, I have a lot to catch up
with--but I just wanted to start with letting everyone know about the big
changes in loci-file.
	First, my little directory representation thing is now "complete."
You can scope it out the same way as before, by running './filegui.py &'.
It can now display filesystem representations as lists and trees, and both
have nifty little pixmaps which distinguish files from directories.
	Second, I'm starting to do more with XML stuff. I guess I'm
thinking about getting into the overall XML scripting stuff (part II. o'
the TODO list). In preparation for this I went through loci-core quite
extensively and made almost an exact copy of it in loci-file. To see this
(which hopefully looks and behaves exactly like the most recent loci-core),
run './testgui.py' (which is located in the base directory of loci-file).
Why did I bother to do this? A couple of reasons:

1. To start messing around I am going to need to start changing some parts
of workspace.py in loci-core, so to not interfere with Jeff's work, I
decided to just make my own copy. The changes I'm making are small, so it
should be easy to integrate them into loci-core, if so desired.
2. Related to number 1, I am kind of using this as a testing platform. So
we can try out ideas, see how people like them, and then if they are
accepted, integrate them into loci-core.
3. I needed to go through the code anyways to see how it works.

	I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this type of arrangement.
	Also, I have already made a change to how loci-core works. I
modified workspace.py so instead of loading individual python files like
'container.py' to get initial info about a container, it now calls an XML
parser which parses a 'container.xml' file to get the initial info. From
Jeff's comments, it looked like this was a change that needed to be made,
so I thought I would start with this to get myself going on XML stuff in
the workspace.
	The loci-file directory structure is still quite very unstable but
should hopefully get a little more stable within the next couple of days,
so if you haven't been making any changes in it, it might be best to just
checkout a fresh copy.
	I'm really interested to hear everyone's comments, so if you have a
chance, please check it out. Thanks much! Hope everyone had a wonderful
Christmas/Kwanzaa/Ramadan and a snazzy New Year.


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