[Pipet Devel] XML database woes

Gary Van Domselaar gvd at redpoll.pharmacy.ualberta.ca
Wed Jan 5 19:12:11 EST 2000

> Brad Chapman wrote:
> > some XML storage.
> >         I went back to check on things (www.dbxml.org) after the break and
> > found out that the project is no longer open source with a BSD license, but
> > is apparently going to be bought out and go commericial...[censored: a
> > whole lot of not so nice words]... Anyways, I won't rant on about my
> > feelings on this, but I was just wondering if anyone knows what happens to
> > the code which was being previously released under a open source license. I
> > have the most recently released snapshot (which is not complete) and
> > documentation--can I use this to finish development or pass it out to
> > people who would want to continue the open source development of it? Or is
> > this code protected by the new commerical license?

Nice work, Brad! Jeff and I were hoping someone might have the latest 
version of dbXML.  Unfortunately, we are not sure about the licensing 
issue concerning dbXML--certainly there website is obfuscating this issue 
as much as possible.  Hold on to that code until we can get a handle on 
the licensinge or other alternatives (see my posting on db2xml).

> >         Along the same lines, has anyone heard about other open source XML
> > databases? (gotta keep me fingers crossed...:)
> >         Okay, last message from me. Sorry to clog up everyone's in boxes.
> Try xDBM.
> http://www.bowerbird.com.au/XDBM/
> Doesn't handle concurrency or any of the other stuff I like in a DBMS,
> but it's open.

This is a QPL licensed DBMS. Jeff and I looked at the license today and 
were not sure if it would fit with Loci's LGPL licensing scheme. Our 
interpretation is that if we were to use xDBM in Loci we would have to 
pay a per-developer licensing fee (this may not apply specifically to us 
because we are not developing a commercial application, but again, this 
is not made clear in their licensing terms.  Perhaps someone else may 
have some insight on this issue?

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