[Pipet Devel] more cvs changes

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri Jan 7 12:27:53 EST 2000

>I'm thinking that for filesystem containers, the user should be able to switch
>between views.  Both views would appear in the _same_ _windowlet_, and they
>can be switched via...pull-down menu button, as one solution.
>The menu button would appear above the list/tree view like so:

[...snip...lots of nice pictures]

I think I get the idea that you are talking about here. So when I right
(button 3) click on a loci, I get a "MS file manager type thing" with the
loci contents in the window and options for the loci at the top (as
menu-buttons)? Should the window that appears be imbedded in the loci
window, or in its own X window? Just want to make sure I am completely with
you on your ideas.

>I'd really rather we both work from one module, Brad.  It doesn't bother me
>that someone else is coding the Workspace.  It's just too confusing having two
>versions being developed separately.  Plus imagine we get a few more
>developers who want to make separate modules too ;-)

That sounds great to me. I just didn't know what you plans were for
changing the main loci-core and didn't want to interfere with them. I just
committed some more cvs changes today (see my next message) and modified
the directory structure a little, but I think I have a "firm" structure for
now. I'm definately open to changes, and will be very interested to hear
your ideas on
how to structure things. They'll probably be lots better than my structure
since I just ended up building the structure through trial and error.

>I think your changes to the Workspace are an improvement, and I should
>probably just work from what you have.

Keep me updated on your thoughts and plans. I'll be continuing to code
heavily for the next few days (until I have to, ack, get back to classes)
and then things will lighten up. Thanks much for your comments!


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