[Pipet Devel] Bioinformatics Workshop Announcement

JES stein at fmnh.org
Mon Jan 10 15:25:05 EST 2000

For those who have not seen this announcement...

Info below can also be found at:  http://www4.nationalacademies.org/cls/bbhome.nsf

The National Research Council invites you to attend: 

Converting Data to Knowledge
Date:  February 16, 2000
Location:  National Academies  2101 Constitution Ave. N.W.  Washington, DC

Opening Remarks:   (0830)
	(to be determined)

Opening Presentation:  The Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment  (0840)
	Brian Ray, American Association for the Advancement of  Science

Session I:   Generating and Integrating Biological Data  (0900-1030)

a.	Methods for data collection 
		Dong-Guk Shin, University of Connecticut  
b.	Data characteristics  
		Stephen Koslow, Office on Neuroinformatics, National Institute of Mental Health  
c.	Data integration 
		Jim Garrels, Proteome, Inc.  

Moderated Discussion: 
	By Susan Davidson, University of Pennsylvania

Break  (1030-1045)

Session II:  Interoperability of Databases  (1045-1230)

a.	Design features of interoperable databases
		Daniel Gardner, Cornell University
b.	Information retrieval and complex queries
		Peter Karp, SRI International  
c.	Definition of data elements and database structure
		William Gelbart, Harvard University 
d.	Novel approaches to achieving interoperability
		Jaron Lanier, National Tele-Immersion Initiative 

Moderated Discussion:  
	By Perry Miller, Yale University

Lunch (1230-1330)

Session III:  Database Integrity  (1330-1500)

a.	Curation and quality control
		Michael Cherry, Stanford University
b.	Error detection protocols
		Chris Overton, University of Pennsylvania  
c.	Methods for correcting errors 
		(to be determined)  

Moderated Discussion  (1415-1500)
	(to be determined) 

Break (1500-1515) 

Session IV:  Converting Data to Knowledge--Analytical Approaches

a.	Modeling and simulation
		James Bower, California Institute of Technology
b.	Data Mining
		Douglas Brutlag, Stanford University
c.	Visualization of model fit to data
		John Mazziotta, University of California Los Angeles

Moderated Discussion  (1600-1645)
	By Ray White, University of Utah

Wrap Up  (1645-1700)

Adjourn  (1700)

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Computational Biologist
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