[Pipet Devel] Attempt at Constructing the Command Line

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Mon Jan 17 21:58:11 EST 2000


Brad Chapman wrote:
>         I have a couple of questions about things before I go any further
> however:
> 1. What loci does everyone think should go with different widgets? Right
> now I have:
> processor = default program selector widget
> converter = default flag selection widget
> viewer = default viewer widget (okay, this one makes sense)
> Any ideas on whether these should be changed? Should we add differnt loci
> so it would make more sense?

Again, these are meant to be classes, not names.  The names that appear under
symbols should those of the commands.

And an 'option' locus should be made, instead of using 'converter'.

I should have a variable for setting the locus name, which can be different
from the class.

> 2. (This is probably mostly to Jeff) I would like to make some changes to
> the Locus class and the workspace (the main WidgetMain class) to make them
> more object oriented so that I can make changes to them easier.
>         Right now to manipulate things within a locus, you directly access
> the locus and change them (ie. locus.gui = "text_box" widget). This works
> okay for simple things like manipulating a locus.gui widget, but I can't
> use it to remove an old widget and replace it with a new one (for instance,
> I would like to get rid of the "program chooser" widget once a program is
> selected and replace it with a description of the program, but I can't do
> this with the current set up.) So I would like to set up the Locus class
> like the following
> class Locus:
>         def __init__(self, etc):
>                 define all of the setup variables etc
>         def setLocusGUI(self, widget):
>                 set the widget as GUI
>         def getLocusGUI(self):
>                 return CurrentWidget
> etc....
> This will make the classes fall more in lines with the OO nature of python,
> and will help me out with manipulating the workspace and loci. This
> shouldn't change the overall structure of anything, but will just change
> how you access stuff.
>         How does this sound? Jeff, I don't know if this jives with your
> vision of where the Locus and workspace classes were going, so I wanted to
> get your opinion on this.

You're right, that is more OO than my code, which was kind of hack to begin
with.  It certainly would be the next step in windowlet development to make
those the changes.  Be my guest :-)

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