[Pipet Devel] Good news on the XDBM front

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Tue Jan 18 07:46:56 EST 2000

Hey all;
	I've been listening in on the FreeDOM/XDBM lists (our potential XML
database/interface) and just wanted to keep you up to date with what is
going on there:

1. There are 3 people (including myself, humbly representing Loci)
interested in  python bindings to XDBM.

2. Talk is just starting up for developing these, so hopefully, they should
be on the way before any other language bindings. Yay!

3. The next version of XDBM will be dual-liscened under the GPL, so it
looks like it will be no problem to use it with Loci. Double yay! There is
also talk of making the FreeDOM bindings themselves LGPL, so I think in
general we should have no liscensing problems with FreeDOM/XDBM.

That is all the FreeDOM/XDBM news that's fit to print.


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