[Pipet Devel] Attempt at Constructing the Command Line

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Tue Jan 18 10:58:07 EST 2000

Brad Chapman wrote:
>         Maybe we should think about "tester" machines for Loci, especially
> in light of what David was mentioning about differences between how things
> run on Linux vs. IRIX. It would be nice to have at least "simple to fix"
> bugs ironed out before random people start downloading Loci and getting
> cheesed about a million bugs, especially since we have so many testers
> available on the mailing list!

Maybe we can just keep track of who uses what.  Let's see...

    IRIX 6.?              David Lapointe
    FreeBSD x86 ?.?       Brad Chapman
    RedHat x86 6.0        Jeff Bizzaro

That way, we can say 'Loci has been tested to run on the following systems.'

> Righto! I really don't think it should be necessary to have to do
> everything inside a separate composite, especially since you might want to
> execute/construct the command line for the main workspace! I think,
> ideally, that there should be an option inside the pop-up menu bar
> (labelled something like "Action") and then sub-menus within this labelled
> "Execute" and "Construct" or whatever. What do you think about this?

Right, and the Action will depend on what is selected: partial or whole

(I'm going to continue this conversation in another e-mail, because I want to
hammer on one point.)

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