[Pipet Devel] MUST: Management Utilities for Sequences and Trees

JES stein at fmnh.org
Mon Jan 24 15:11:19 EST 2000

I just stumbled across this program:

MUST, Management Utilities for Sequences and Trees.

Information can be found in the article:

H. Phillippe.  1993.  Must, a computer package of Management Utilities for 
Sequences and Trees.  Nucleic Acids Research.  21(22): 5264-5272.

Sadly, no URL/ftp info is given.  Distribution is either by acquiring a copy of 
the s/w from somebody who already has it, or by sending $100 to the author for a 
set of diskettes.  Given the date, this does not surprise me, but I cannot find 
information on new versions.  It was written in MS C 5.1, for Dos 3.x and higher 
(*shudder*).  A unix version was in the design process at the time of 
publication.  Regardless, the flowchart portraying data management in the 
document might provide some food for thought.

Briefly, this is a phylogenetically oriented set of programs for data management 
and display, intended to be complementary to Phylip, Paup, hennig86 and 
clustalw.  It allows uploading of new sequences, storing of aligned sequences 
(including multiple files), with correct formatting for input into phylogenetic 
analysis programs.  Another description can be found at 

1993 contact info for the author is as follows:
Herve Phillippe
Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire,
URA CNRS 1134 D, Batiment 444
Universite Paris-Sud
91405, Orsay Cedex, France

J. Steinbachs, PhD
Computational Biologist
Dept of Botany
The Field Museum
Chicago, IL 60605-2496

office: 312-665-7810
fax: 312-665-7158

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