[Pipet Devel] GStreamer

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Sun Jan 30 05:02:31 EST 2000

Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
> > I'm a step ahead of you, Gary, since I mentioned GStreamer a couple months ago
> Ack! I've gotta get off of the heroin!

No, you can stay on heroin, Gary.  I have to get off of crack.  I could have
sworn I sent that link to the list, but I can't find my original message. 
Maybe I just imagined the whole thing.  Anyway, here is a screenshot of a WFD
(bottom right corner) a _lot_ like GStreamer's (but a little prettier):


BEAST is another streaming audio application.  Maybe I mentioned BEAST before,
but I can't find that message either :-P

> Yeah... I think open-source software developers are starting to use
> SourceForge to advertise their projects, and to attract other
> developers.  Kinda makes ya think...

Yeah, if only I knew someone with PHP and mySQL experience.  Hmmmm ;-)

> > The Editor does look like our Workspace (Gtk+ interface), although I think we
> > did a much better job at designing an intuitive (what is CRDPP?) and flexible
> > (icons and windowlets) system.
> Natch ;-)
> BTW, CRDPP refers to 'Element States' (what we would call 'Locus
> states'):
> C       Complete        Element has all the required data
> R       Running         Element has acquired resources
> D       Discovery       Used during auto-connect
> P       Preroll         Sending ramp-up data
> P       Playing         Actively trading data
> P       Pause           Temporarily paused
> Food for thought, actually.


I was thinking about little animated glyphs to show state, but there are no
animated canvas items yet.

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