[Pipet Devel] excerpt from CHANGES

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun Jan 30 13:30:11 EST 2000

Hello again! I just wanted to go over this stuff in a separate e-mail 
because I'm not totally positive how you envision things working. I 
was just trying to get stuff working in the "easiest" way that I could 
to demonstrate my idea of constructing the command line using the 
control panel thingy. Below are tons o' questions to show my complete 
and utter confusion!

> _Please_ make a these changes <:-)
>  (1) Select processor        --->  (1) Select container

Lots o' questions on this:

So a container holds 1. filesystems 2. databases and 3. all of the 

When you create a new container, what kind of gui widget should 

So, if you don't select "processing" programs from a processor loci, 
and "converting" programs from a converter loci, when are these loci 

>  (2) Open processor and      --->  (2) Open container
>      find command                      and find command

Do you like the way things are divided up in modules now? Is this how 
you want things, or should there just be a big list of all the 

>  (3) Choose command and      --->  (3) Choose command by dragging
>      processor becomes                 it onto the workspace
>      composite

Right, drag and drop. This will take a bit of learning, but I'll start 
thinking about this.
>  (4) Command is inside       --->  (4) Command is on workspace
>      of composite

So how do you envision the "constructing the command line" happening? 
Will this occur on the main workspace, or inside a separate workspace, 
like I've been doing? My thought was that you could construct the 
command line inside of the composite, and then click on the main locus 
holding the composite workspace, and choose an option like "construct 
command line." This would change the GUI of the locus to display the 
chosen command line only. Then this could be reversed if the user 
decides to change the current command line. How would constructing the 
command line work if everything was done on the main workspace?

> This is pretty much what we've been discussing.

Sorry I'm off on your vision. I'm working on it...


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