[Pipet Devel] User interface stuff

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Mon Jul 3 14:05:19 EDT 2000

Hey Jeff (and anyone else interested in Pied stuff):
    I just finished up with all of the MVC stuff that I'm going to do 
for the moment, so now you are free and clear in the user interface. 
Have fun!
    I started working on adding and removal of inputs and outputs, so 
that I could test and get working the "mapping unconnected inputs and 
outputs to the composite locus" stuff. This works "sort of" but has a 
number of problems:

1. The world x and y problems we were having before are rearing their 
ugly head again, and the new inputs get inserted in incorrect places, 
although they seem to come back to the right place once they are moved 

2. I'm not sure how to deal with what happens when an 'external 
composite locus input mapping to an internal input' gets connected. 
(man, that's confusing). What should happen to the internal input? 
What happens in the internal locus having that input gets connected? 
What happens if the internal locus with the input gets deleted?

Let me know if the way things are working is how you envisioned it, or 
if stuff needs to be changed. 


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