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I hope this is the start of a discussion thread with the Gestalt developers.

Jean-Marc or anyone else, could you reply to Richard (and the gestalt list) with an answer to his question below?


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Looks very interesting. It could be used as a framework for the Gestalt components which could be individual data manipulation programs (for example). I'd be interested in hearing the opinion of someone who has a more concrete idea of the goals of Gestalt System than myself. 
If I had a dataset consisting of continuous variables and categorical variables sitting on a machine somewhere and wanted to compute averages for all continuous variables and frequencies for all categorical variables, how would this be accomplished?
It brings to mind Clementine from SPSS - at least in the "Work Flow Diagram" sense.

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  Greetings.  I think Gestalt and Piper have some similar goals:


  Piper is a recent merger or collaboration between 4 projects: Loci, Overflow, GMS, and BlueBox.

  I'm not certain where there may be some overlap.  Perhaps you could take a look at Piper and let me know what you think.


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