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> Jeff,
> I've been out of action with some health problems for the last few
> weeks, but am just catching up with my mail - will read all the piper
> papers and docs over the next few days but at first glance Piper appears
> to be manna from heaven. We have been making slow but definite progress
> on some elementary data analysis and reporting tools and have done some
> initial detailed design of data definition and metadata components, but
> have been floundering on how to hook it all up and have been depressed
> about having only a non-graphical command line interface for the
> forseeable future. The Piper paradigm looks ideally suited to the sort
> of work we envisage for Gestalt - or at least, the sort of work I do -
> human population-based epidemiology and demographics - and for many
> other fields as well, no doubt. I'll respond in detail in a few days but
> thanks for the post - very helpful indeed.
> Cheers,
> Tim C

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