[Pipet Devel] XML and Pise

Raynald de Lahondes lahondes at pasteur.fr
Mon Jul 10 13:22:55 EDT 2000


Although I feel interested by Piper project, I followed a bit the Loci
project, but I am new to lot of things there, so it is likely that I am
not aware of some decisions already taken.

However, it seems that the Piper XML is not yet completely defined. I am
working in the Pasteur Institute and there is a software called Pise:
http://www-alt.pasteur.fr/~letondal/Pise/ written by Catherine Letondal
(letondal at pasteur.fr).

In two words, this is an interface builder. It makes HTML pages and CGI
scripts for unix programmes related with Biology. My point is it uses XML to
describe the program to be interfaced. This program is under GPL and well
documented. I think it would be great if Piper and Pise could share the same

Pise DTD

I also think that Pise is a working program with some (short) history now
and maybe Piper could benefit from the maturity of its DTD. Although
Catherine Letondal is not willing to modify her code right now, I know that
she may accept if the Piper project is willing to adopt her DTD with some
(minor) modifications.
What do you think of that ?
Raynald de Lahondes
Unite des Virus Oncogenes - Departement de Biotechnologie
Institut Pasteur - 25, rue du Docteur Roux
75724 Paris Cedex 15 - FRANCE
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email: lahondes at pasteur.fr 

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