[Pipet Devel] XML-RPC

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Tue Jul 11 18:18:53 EDT 2000

"A.J. Rossini" wrote:
> I'm slowly going over the archive of the mailing list for this project
> -- havn't seen XML-RPC mentioned, but lots of ties to projects where
> it should've fit.

If you want to dig through more archives, there are the archives for Loci,
which date back to April 1999:


Before that, Loci was known as Tulip, and the discussions went back to late
1998.  Those archives aren't on-line though.

> Is this under consideration as a mechanism for constructing glue or
> for serialization?

The short answer is, the two guys involved in gluing things together (Brad and
Jarl) are familiar with CORBA and seem to prefer it over other models.  From
discussions we've had, it seems CORBA is superior in terms of speed and

We were seriously considering an XML-based RPC, and I even invented my own
(with Brad's help).  But, in the end, it proved to be too slow and in need of
too much development.

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