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J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Tue Jul 11 20:10:31 EDT 2000

"A.J. Rossini" wrote:
>     JWB> From discussions we've had, it
>     JWB> seems CORBA is superior in terms of speed...
> Agreed, in a sense (speed, yes;...

This is ultimately more important to Piper than it may first appear.  The
initial impression that most people may get of Piper is that it is a system
for /sequencial/ data flow (the data is passed to the next node only when the
current node is done).  If we didn't have Overflow at the core of Piper, this
may be true.  But Overflow is such a fast system that we want to include
/streaming/ data flow.  Here's an excerpt from one of Jean-Marc's (Overflow
developer) recent e-mails:

Jean-Marc wrote:
> I just thought this might be interesting to some of you, as a demo of what
> Overflow can do. I just "wrote" an Overflow program (.n) that performs real-time
> audio processing. It reads the soundcard input, normalized the volume (lowers
> louder sounds, amplifies lower sounds), and sends the result back to the
> soundcard output. It takes less than 5% CPU on my Athlon 500 at 44.1kHz/stereo
> (I use chunks of ~10 ms). Note, you need a full-duplex soundcard and the latest
> version in CVS to try it. Any electric guitar player here would like to help me
> write distortions and other effects?

One may argue, however, that the lack of speed in transferring data across the
Internet makes this a futile goal.  But, we're ambitious, and things will only
improve :-)

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